Athlete talk at Ellon’s Probus Club

Ellon’s Probus Club met on Thursday, October 10 and president David Couzin welcomed guest speaker, Colin Gallacher.

The subject of Colin’s talk was the lifestyle of an Olympic athlete.

Colin came to Ellon in 1983, subsequently joining Ellon Academy as a teacher.

He is also a Performance Lifestyle Advisor for the Scottish Institute of Sport (SIS), which is the national governing body.

He told members about the enormous effort and lifestyle choices made by top class athletes who compete at the highest level.

Athletes get financial support from the SIS together with advice on coaching, performance lifestyle, sports medicine and nutrition to name but a few.

The SIS also liaise with employers and educational authorities to give athletes adequate time off for training.

An example of an athlete currently on the training programme is North-east swimmer Hannah Miley, who averages ten sessions a week, covering in excess of 60,000 meters in the pool.

Further training programmes are also in her weekly schedule, together with trying to live as normal a life as possible.

All of this to fulfil personal ambition, win medals and even gain fame.

The nation in turn gets it’s share of the kudos when a top athlete reaches the very pinnacle of a chosen sport, Sir Chris Hoy being a perfect example of such achievement.

The vote of thanks was made by Fred Crawford, who thanked Colin for his informative and very interesting talk.