Auchedly and Ythanbank WRI report for August

President Sue Hall welcomed members to the August meeting of Auchedly and Ythankbank WRI.

After business items were discussed, she welcomed Mr and Mrs Slaven, who entertained us to a msuical evening.

Mr Slaven was on violin and his wife on accordion and guitar. They played various arrangements of different msuci and songs, inviting us to join in.

Monthly competitions:

4 Butterfly Cakes - 1 Ellenor Gray; 2 Lil Emslie; 3 Dot Duncan. 4 Squares of Toffee - 1 Doreen Gray; 2 Ellenor Gray; 3 Sandra Cain. A Flower from the Garden - 1 Evelyn Cook; 2 Ann Farquhar; 3 Margaret McHardy.

Tea hostess Dot Duncan supplied a lovely tea. Sue Hall proposed the vote of thanks.

Auchedly and Ythankbank WRI meet on the second Wednesday of the month in Ythankbank Mission Hall.

Aberdeenshire Federation has more than 2,000 members in 93 Institutes. It was established in 1930 although its first four ‘rurals’ started in 1918.