Auchnagatt Gala - Results

Gala Princesses

Jodie-James Gordon and Summer Given.

Art Competition

Toddlers: 1st: Samuel Shoesmith; 2nd: Toby Yule; 3rd: Alfie Burton; Pre-School (Seaside): 1st: Melissa Anderson; 2nd Amy Yule; 3rd Skye Thom; Primary 1-3 (Olympics): 1st: Jessica Massie (Arnage); 2nd: Ben Smith (Auchnagatt); 3rd: Ruairi Anderson (Auchnagatt); Primary 4-5 (Olympics): 1st: Tamzin Gordon (Auchnagatt); 2nd: Caitlin Cadell-Williamson (Arnage); 3rd: Megan Thom (Arnage); Primary 6-7 (Olympics): 1st: Skye Little (Auchnagatt); 2nd: Larissa Duncan (Auchnagatt); 3rd: Kelly Shand (Arnage).

Decorated Hat Winners

Comical: 1st: Enya Paterson; 2nd: Kitty Burton; 3rd: Ruairi Anderson; Original: 1st: Amy Robertson; 2nd: Abby Watson; 3rd: Isla Cunningham.

Pets Parade

Dogs: 1st: Murphy, Miniature Schnauzer, shown by Summer Given; 2nd: Sasha, Border Collie,shown by Amelia Ormerod; 3rd: Murphy, Border Collie, shown by Laura Davidson; Other: Ozzie and Tia, Cats, shown by Niamh Martin; Daisy, Poppy & Shadow, guinea pigs, shown by the Thom Family; Honey, Kune Kune Pig, shown by Eliza Massie.


The Netball Tournament was organised by Patricia Brown, Mintlaw Active Schools.

Winners: Newburgh A, Runners Up: New Deer A; Invitation 6 a side Football: Primary 1-5: Winners: Maud, Runners Up: Kinnimonth; Primary 6-7: Winners: New Deer, Runners Up: Methlick; Junior Tug of War: Primary 1-4: Winners: Arnage, Runners Up: Auchnagatt; Space Hopper Race: Winners: Kial 2mins 3secs, Runners Up: Charisla 2mins 5secs.