Auchnagatt SWI October meeting

Pat Anderson welcomed James and Claire Blackadder to Auchnagatt SWI meeting.

James is a member of Methlick Scout Explorers and told of his amazing trip to Japan this summer as part of the Global Jamboree for 36,000 scouts based near Tokyo.

He described the challenges he had to undertaked to be selected from 120 applicants to finally being one of six chosen from Gordon District.

Fund-raising for the trip was an essential part too and included activities such as bean baths, making sushi, team building exercises and talent shows.

A trip to London to practise travelling on the underground was also part of the preparation.

James clearly had a wonderful experience and is a great ambassador for the Scouts.

After a welcome cup of tea, James and Claire judged the competitions as follows: Item of Royal Memorabilla: 1 Barbara Rogers; 2 Rosaline Smith; 3 Susan McLaren. Small Item using red, White and blue wool: 1 Barbara Rogers; 2 Rosaline Smith; 3 Pat Anderson. Flower of the Month: 1 Rosaline Smith 2 Lorna Rose 3 Susan McLaren.

Sally Cole gave the vote of thanks and Rosaline Smith, having conducted the business, thanked everyone for a most enjoyable evening.

The next meeting is on November 12.