‘Average summer’: Met Office

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THE north-east of Scotland can expect more mediocre weather over the coming summer, after a Met Office spokesman told the Ellon Times that the weather up until the end of August will be ‘mixed’.

In the wake of what most in the north-east would consider to have been a fairly mediocre spell of weather over July, it looks as though we can expect more of the same, with intermittent spells of sunshine and showers.

Met Office Spokesman Dan Williams told the Times that the weather which the north-east had experienced thus far was decidedly average for the time of year, and that hot summers over the past decade had been more unusual than the weather we have received this year.

“The summer thus far across the whole country has been a fairly typical British summer, with variable sunshine and rain,” he said. “This is much more ‘the norm’, or what we would expect from a British summer.”

He told the Times that the outlook for the next couple of months was broadly consistent with what had gone already.

“From the end of July to August 8, the outlook is ‘changeable’ in the north and west of Scotland. There will be showers and sunny spells, with an average temperature of around 16C,” he said. “To August 23 the weather could be described as ‘unsettled’, with longer spells of rain, though with longer spells of sunshine as well - 129 hours by the end of July, and 127 in August.”