Beach shelter plan backed by councillors

The beach shelter at Collieston
The beach shelter at Collieston

A controversial application to change the use of the beach shelter at Collieston was unanimously approved by the Formartine Area Committee.

Applicants Nicole Barravecchio and Katy Smtih spoke at the meeting on Tuesday, July 2 to defend their plans to turn the shelter into an ice cream and confectionery kiosk.

A local objector also spoke at the meeting but after due deliberation, the committee took the view that the proposal would be very much welcomed by the public and would provide a focal point for many visitors to the village, which has been described as Formartine’s ‘hidden gem’.

A report put to members before the meeting stated: “The proposed use of the shop in the summer months is to sell ice creams and confectionary including takeaway hot and cold drinks service, with a small grocery provision to the local community in the winter months.”

A total of 33 valid representations from residents had been collected before the meeting, with 18 in support of the plans and 15 against.

Issues raised by objectors included loss of beach shelter and loss of venue for fundraising events.

The main support behind the proposal came from the lack of local retail as the only shop and post office in Collieston closed some time ago.

Planning permission was granted for a period of two years to allow the viability and impact of the business to be assessed.