Big cheer after cheerleading event in Ellon

Ellon Academy Senior Jets
Ellon Academy Senior Jets
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Over 150 children from in and around Ellon got their pom-poms out and took part in a cheerleading showcase for charity recently.

Seven cheerleading groups and two dance groups, with ages ranging from Primary 1 up to S5 pupils, took to the stage and raised nearly £500 for a local charity.

National 4 cheerleaders

National 4 cheerleaders

Active Schools coordinator, Susan Guthrie, said: “Active schools has several cheerleading and dance clubs established in the Ellon network and this was an opportunity for them to come together and show family and friends what they have been working on.

“The special part about the event was that the National 5 Team were getting accessed as part of their curriculum.

“We had a strong audience of 250 people!

“£495 was raised from tickets and we are going to be selling dvds of the performance with all the money being donated to Kayleigh’s wee stars!”

Groups who took part:

Just dance Tipperty Primary

National 5 Cheerleaders

Just dance Meiklemill Primary

Magic Divas

Ellon Academy junior Jetz

Glitter Fairies.

Ellon Academy Senior Jetz

Dream Team

Stand Alone Cheerleaders