Big hearted young farmers help at home

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A group of 14 young men and women from Belhelvie Young Farmers put their skills together to restore the Summer Pot House at Balmedie Residential Nursing Home to allow residents to enjoy the Gardens during the summer months.

The Pot House was donated to the home by Mrs Simpson in memory of her husband, Charles Simpson, but has sadly been left unused in recent months.

The Club arrived on the evening of Tuesday 3rd July equipped with brooms, dusters and polish to tidy, clean and weed the area with great enthusiasm. The club then shared the remainder of the evening with the Residents, which was greatly appreciated.

National Young Farmers Week ran from 30th June to 8th July to celebrate the institution of Young Farmers and promote clubs, raise awareness and give back to their local communities.

The Club gained a lot from the experience, and would like to thank two of the on-duty carers, Lynne and Holly, for all their help and support on the night. Belhelvie Young Farmers returned again on July 17 to strip down and re-paint the pot house, which is now returned to its former glory for the residents to enjoy. The project was rewarding and the Club hope to keep in contact.