Blooming good show


A BAND of Ellon volunteers plan to make a woodland project in the town a blooming success next year.

Ellon Biodiversity Action Group (EBAG) has started planting bluebell bulbs at Balmacassie Community Woodland to further improve the site.

The organisation was contacted by a Newburgh woman who wanted help to remove a large area of bluebells from her garden.

EBAG members were delighted to give their assistance and decided that Balmacassie would be the perfect location for the plants.

EBAG spokesman Bob Davis said: “The planting of bluebells at Balmacassie is another step in the process of creating a fine piece of woodland for the people of Ellon to enjoy.

“The site is very well used and the trees that were originally planted just a few years ago are growing very well.”

He added: “Further work will be carried out in the woodland at the end of this year when it is hoped to plant more trees on the site.

“Ellon has some superb natural assets and it only through the work and goodwill of people that these assets have been retained and in the case of Balmacassie, improved.”

Volunteers planted the bluebell bulbs near to the main entrance at the end of Castle Street, and they are expected to provide an impressive display when they flower in the spring.

EBAG is looking for more people to become involved in its work in and around the town.

For more information about the group, its aims and objectives, contact Mr Davis on 01358 711292 or email