Blueprint for Ellon

The former Ellon Academy site.
The former Ellon Academy site.

An Ellon politician has called for a new vision for the town centre.

Councillor Gillian Owen has outlined her blueprint, which includes a proposed new health centre in the heart of the community.

The councillor said it was time to act now that the new academy had been established in Cromleybank.

Mrs Owen told the Times: “As much as anyone I was proud to be involved in the building of the new academy, believing our youngsters deserve a first class facility in which to be educated.

“I am still an enthusiast for the new building, even if it is still encountering teething problems. It is also a building which houses a range of community activities.

“The sad thing is it does appear to an island in the middle of nowhere. Whatever happened to the houses planned for the area around the school?”

She said it was vital to do something constructive with the former academy site.

The councillor added: “We need to grasp this nettle, and quickly. It has been an issue for the community.

“We now have a wonderful opportunity to have a range of integrated services under one roof in the heart of Ellon before it becomes a ghost town.”

Mrs Owen believes Aberdeenshire Council could have a facility in the proposed new building under one roof, creating a hub, or one-stop shop for a range of services, including a health centre, social services, planning and meeting rooms for the community.

She explained: “But first we must involve the public in discussions.

“Sitting on our hands is not an option. The community of Ellon merit our total attention and respect. “Individuals in the town seem to know what they want, including creating retail outlets, but most of all a new health centre.

“Let’s get started on a project which will make us proud. We could also have affordable housing, encouraging key workers to move her.”

Councillor Owen is inviting people to contact her to discuss her proposals for the town.

Ellon Community Council has carried out a survey among residents to allow them to have a say on the future shape of their community.

More than half indicated that a health centre would be the best option for the former academy site.

The results of the survey have been forwarded to Aberdeenshire Council.