BrewDog in bottle failure problem

BrewDog's Ellon HQ
BrewDog's Ellon HQ

Local brewer BrewDog has announced a ‘painful setback’ to its new beer launch at its OverWorks taproom in Ellon.

The Scottish taproom aims to be a bespoke facility to do justice to the characteristics of sour and wild ales.

BrewDog posted on its blog: “We have a painful setback to report. It was discovered that about one in ten of the bottles has a catastrophic manufacturing defect compromising their structural integrity.

“The bespoke 500ml Champagne-style bottles look incredible, feel substantial but warning signs were raised when routine handling lead to numerous breakages.

“Further inspection from our quality team and our manufacturer’s quality engineers have determined the bottles are not fit for release. This means none of the bottles can be allowed out into the wild.”

A spokesman for the company said: “We have made the call to dump all the OverWorks bottles filled to this point and have asked the manufacturer to recommission new glass for us. We are dedicated to quality and safety. This decision has not only cost us hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock and six months’ worth of production time but also caused heartbreak and genuine disappointment.”