Car share success

Aberdeenshire Council has achieved a significant milestone after membership to their online car sharing scheme reached 1000 last week.

The scheme was started by in 2006 and Car Share Aberdeenshire is open to commuters across the region. The scheme is part of Aberdeenshire Council’s commitment to promoting alternatives to single occupancy car use and encourages car sharing.

Members register their details for free and are then matched with other users travelling the same route - the more members, the greater the chance of finding someone to share with.

Research shows savings of up to £1,000 per year can be achieved by car sharing, principally through reduced fuel and maintenance costs, but there are other benefits too, including reduced stress on the commute to work and less congestion on our roads.

Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, Peter Argyle, said: “This is a great milestone for the scheme to have achieved and shows awareness of its benefits is growing.

“I hope membership continues to expand, giving Aberdeenshire commuters more choice in how they travel as well as the option to reduce their costs.”

Vice-chair, Jill Webster, added: “We can all do our part to reduce pollution and this is a convenient, stress-free and money-saving way to help the environment.

“It’s also worth considering car sharing from Park and Ride sites where available. Reducing congestion on key routes at peak times will bring benefits to individuals, residents, business and the environment.”

Surveys show that ten per cent of commuters currently car share, mostly by finding a colleague or neighbour who shares the same route.

The scheme is open to anyone who owns a car, or anyone looking for a lift.

For anyone who has already joined the Aberdeenshire Car Share scheme, Aberdeenshire Council say it might be worth logging in again to check your details are up to date and to search for any suitable matches.

To join the scheme, visit, or call 08700 111199. Simply enter your journey details – where you are going, when and how often. The system searches for possible matches and lists them for you on screen

You can then contact potential travel companions via an automated email system which includes a cost calculator.