Cllr: pothole improvements welcome

ELLON councillor Gillian Owen has voiced approval after the latest raft of pothole repairs at Balmacassie Industrial Estate.

Owners Bruce and Partners have recently filled a number of potholes, which had attracted strong criticism from Cllr Owen.

Speaking to the Times, she said that she was glad to see movement on the matter.

She said, “I am delighted that Bruce and Partners have finally started to fill the terrible craters that have appeared in the Balmacassie Business Park. Local residents will know just how bad the surface of the Balmacassie Business Park has been. Anyone travelling to the recycling centre will know how bad the road surface was.”

She added: “I have been pressing officers to get the surface sorted out for many months now, and it feels like years. There was really no need to leave such terrible craters in that stretch of road. Once the recycle centre opened and residents had no alternative but to travel on the inadequate surface, the developer should have ensured that the road was fit for purpose even if it meant spending money. The Business Park is a valuable asset to Ellon and I am only sorry that the tenants that have set up their businesses there had to endure the disgraceful road surface for so long.”

Gillian continued: “I realise that not all the craters have been sorted but all least some have been looked at and filled, I am sure that within the next couple of weeks we will see a huge difference.”