Curves waive joining fee

AN ELLON business is preparing to support local residents in need, by collecting food in lieu of fees.

Curves, based at Castle Park Industrial Estate, has announced plans to forego collecting new membership fees over the next month if joining members donate a bag of shopping which will, in turn, be distributed to the Volunteer Service Aberdeen to benefit needy families. Speaking to the Times, Curves spokeswoman Melanie Kidd said that the scheme would do a lot of good in the north-east, where poverty is regarded as comparatively low.

“Ellon is a fairly prosperous community, so you don’t really see the effects of deprivation here - but in a time of recession, there are a lot of people who will benefit from these donations,” she said. “The VSA do a super job, and it’s our pleasure to support them.”

Any new member who joins Curves between now and April 30, inclusive, will have their joining fee waived in lieu of the donation of a grocery bag of non-perishable foodstuffs. Existing members are also encouraged to donate bags.