Ellon council slams state of disused site

Ellon Community Council is calling on the owners of a disused garage on the outskirts of the town to clean up the site.

Texaco Garage on the South Road approach to Ellon has lain empty since last year and the community council has criticised its appearance

Community council members are appalled at the rundown condition of the forecourt area since owners Regency Oils ceased trading.

Ellon Community Council chairman Sandy McDougall said: “After no action from the owner, and a failure of Aberdeenshire Council to intervene, the community council deployed the village orderlies to keep the weeds under control.

“The village orderlies did an excellent job over the summer, looking after the heavyily-weeded area.”

After writing to Regency Oils, the firm wrote back stating that it was waiting to hear back about a pending planning application for eight flats with Aberdeenshire Council.

Since then, the disused garage has remained untouched.

Mr McDougall added: “The owner thinks that it’s acceptable to hold the town to ransom and let the area deteriorate.

“We have asked the owner to tidy the site as it does not create a good impression for citizens and visitors entering the town.

“Unfortunately we have not received any assurances that the owner will tidy the site.

“We will continue to press Regency Oils to take action as we consider their neglect is having a detrimental impact on the town.”

The disused garage is close to the St Mary on the Rock Church.

Mr McDougall said: “That is a very nice piece of the town and the garage just looks like a dump with tumble-weeds.”

Regency Oils were contacted by the Times for comment but had not responded at the time of going to press.