Expansion plans for Ellon brewery

BrewDog plant in Ellon.
BrewDog plant in Ellon.

BrewDog is about to announce major investment in its Ellon brewery.

The company, which has just shown a fifth consecutive year of record growth, plans to unveil a £5 million expansion of the plant at Balmacassie later this month.

BrewDog announced yesterday that it is on track to turnover £19 million this year, up from £10.8m in 2012.

To support its continued growth, the craft brewer is looking to expand its management team with a number of positions to be filled immediately.

Amidst a beer industry in decline, BrewDog has continually bucked the trend, combining domestic growth with international expansion, opening its first non-UK bar in Stockholm earlier this year.

The firm currently employs more than 200 staff across its network of bars and offices, and plans to create more than 50 new jobs in the next six months, including key management positions.

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, said: “The media says the beer market is in decline, but it’s just being redefined.

“Sales of craft beer are growing and will continue to grow, demonstrating the global thirst for beer with real soul.

“The craft beer revolution has exploded from its niche starting point to an international movement.”

BrewDog’s plant in Ellon was officially opened in January this year.

The brewery was funded by Equity for Punks, BrewDog’s investment scheme, which sees the company’s supporters fund such schemes as the Ellon one.

Mr Watt added: “The third round of Equity for Punks will give a huge boost to our expansion plans and allow us to spread the craft beer revolution even further.

“Our Equity Punks are the cornerstone of everything we do and its great to share our growth with them. It’s their passion for great beer which has put us where we are now.”