Fairtrade First for Tarves

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TARVES will play host to Formartine’s first Fair Trade shop, which opened on Wednesday to the celebration of ethical purchasers in the region.

The shop, which is based in the Melvin Hall, opens 10.30am - 4pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until mid-December. Staffed by enthusiastic volunteers, it is designed to demonstrate the range and variety of Fairtrade products available.

Organiser Vicky Allan told the Times that the shop was only the Mid-Formartine Fairtraders’ latest venture.

“The main objective is to promote the idea of Fairtrade goods generally, and encourage people to buy Fairtrade goods in the long term. It also shows the wide range of Fairtrade goods you can buy now - every day items, not just chocolate, coffee or tea. There are regular grocery products, toys, Christmas gifts, jewelry - all carrying the Fairtrade mark.

“The bigger objective, of course, is to help reduce poverty in developing countries by giving producers a fair price for their goods.”

She added that the group was hugely indebted to the local community for its support of the venture.

“The shop is run by volunteers - seven of them are Fairtrade Group members, but we have another 17 people on the rota - young and old alike - who will help us out. We’re very grateful to the Melvin Hall Trust, who let us have the use of the Carnegie Room, and to the Co-Op, who supplied us with sustainable cotton bags.”