Farmer seeks opinions on Cassiegills business plans

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AN ELLON farmer is seeking opinions on a new business he aims to start up at Cassiegills, to the north of the town.

Stuart Davidson has had plans drawn up which would see one of the sheds on Cassiegills Farm converted to a children’s soft-play facility, with a retail facility and cafe. He has anticipated that the plans could create up to 20 new full and part-time jobs.

Stuart and sister Alison spoke to the Times about their plans which, they hope, will go before the local area committee in the near future.

“We’ve been looking at the possibility for the last couple of years,” Stuart told the Times. “We’re looking to make the most efficient use of our buildings, and the idea for a soft-play centre was one which we are really interested in.

“We’ve been looking to diversify the business for a while.

We’re working closely with House of Play of Doncaster, who supply the play equipment, and we’ve identified a potential market in Ellon. It’s a growing town, with a young population.

He added that the proposed retail space would be a ‘farm shop’ format, stocking goods sourced from local suppliers.

“Ideally, we would stock foodstuffs produced as locally as possible - retail space in our shop would also provide local food businesses with somewhere to grow their product market initially. We would also strongly consider selling some of the food we produce ourselves at Cassiegills - we historically sold the farm’s beef in Ellon, and it’s something we could consider again.”

The Davidsons say that they are seeking public views on the potential development, and are open to suggestion on improvements which could be made on the plans.

Members of the public are asked to contact Knockothie Farms with their thoughts by emailing