Local businesses speak out over delayed road closure

Schoolhill Road, closed for resurfacing
Schoolhill Road, closed for resurfacing

Local businesses in Ellon have expressed their concern over a road closure.

Schoolhill Road was to be closed for five days, but it has taken longer than expected.

Costcutter manager, Derek Ritchie, said: “It’s been a nightmare. I am seething, I have lost business because of it and my customers can’t get parked.”

“Everyday the contractors finish at 3.30pm. If they stayed later they would get the job done faster.”

Dentist, David Ovenstone was concerned initially, but has said that there has been minimal disruption to his practice.

David said: “We sent out 400 text messages to patients explaining that there would be access problems. It’s amazing how much of our patients made it to their appointments.

“Although, it’s dissapointing that there’s been no great effort to push on and get finished.”

Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Roads and Landscape Services, Philip McKay, said: “Unforeseen drainage issues have caused a delay of around two days, meaning the road will reopen on Wednesday, July 31.

“We have taken every step to reduce the inconvenience for residents and businesses. The road has been reopened in the evenings and we have been working with business owners to ensure that delivery vehicles are allowed access. The footpaths remain open and there is parking close to shops.”