Mum criticises Ellon car parking

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A YOUNG Ellon mother has criticised car parking in the town, claiming council and other office workers are filling up spaces all day.

Anouk Kahanov, of Ythanbank, has written to Aberdeenshire Council to complain that staff are occupying town centre car parks during office hours.

Mrs Kahanov claims they are choosing to ignore the car park at Caroline’s Well Wood, which is aimed at accommodating parking for local office workers.

She says in her letter: “Living in Ythanbank, many times a week I am attempting to nip into my local bank and other business at Neil Ross Square.

“I only needed five to ten minutes at a time, but I simply can’t get parked in the three free car parks on that side of town. And surprise, surprise, all are fully occupied to the brim all day during office hours.

“I am happy to use that same Caroline’s Well Wood car park but still that might not count for every shopper or business customer.

“There are simply times that I only need my five minutes in town, and that I have a shorter legged four-year-old child with me, and dogs in the car, and shopping to carry back too (sometimes quite a lot) and not the correct change for my five minutes.”

Mrs Kahanov adds: “Is the council aware that its own employees possibly could be a little more thoughtful and helpful to Ellon shopkeepers and their customers?

“Of course there are also other office users and shop employees than the council using the carparks. But I believe the council employs a lot of car users of those three free car parks.”