New windfarm blast from Trump

The tycoon Trump addresses his audience on the first tee.
The tycoon Trump addresses his audience on the first tee.

DONALD Trump has written another open letter to the First Minister, praising the SNP’s commitment to offer tax breaks to the golfing industry, but once again lashing out at the proposals to construct offshore wind turbines near the coast.

In his letter, Mr Trump said: “I read recently about the concept of tax breaks for Golfing and other sports stars. it is a great idea and will have a tremendous impact.”

However, he added: “A better idea would be not to ruin your countryside and destroy Scotland’s environment with wind turbines which, as you are starting to figure, are costly, inefficient, and just don’t work.”

A spokesman for the First Minister said that the Scottish Government had already secured similar exemptions for those competing in the Commonwealth Games, with visiting athletes exempted from income tax for the duration of their stay. The new proposals would see the same privileges for major golfing events.

He added: “As the home of golf, Scotland and its many world-class courses attract the game’s leading players and tourists from across the globe. We welcome Mr Trump’s support and enthusiasm for that following the opening of Menie links which, by all accounts, is a wonderful course itself. Golf makes a major contribution to Scotland’s economy - building on our key competitive advantages to create jobs and support further investment – very much like our world-leading renewable energy industry.”