No relief for Aberdeen commuters

commuters to Aberdeen are no closer to congestion relief, after a public enquiry was announced into proposals for a third Don crossing.

The bridge, to connect Grandholm with Tillydrone, is intended to ease the congestion experienced by commuters in the city at rush hour, particularly from the north. Motorists were recently subjected to long delays as roadworks on Ellon Road brought traffic into the city to a virtual standstill while work was completed on a gas main under the road.

Transport Scotland spokesman Mike Berry confirmed that the public enquiry would go ahead, and that there were ‘unknowns’ relating to the timeframe.

“The Public Inquiry was called due to the volume of objections relating to compulsory purchase orders,” he said. “How long it takes depends on the volume and nature of the objections.”

Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce chief Bob Collier said that the development was vital to the regional economy.

“The third Don Crossing is supported by Chamber members and is seen as a crucial part of the wider proposals to improve the region’s transport infrastructure,” he said. “We already have the ridiculous situation where the AWPR is held up in the courts without any indication when a decision might be reached. That means every other project which could improve congestion – including the dualling of the A90 between Balmedie and Tipperty - is also held up.”

“Meanwhile, commuters from the north of the city have to leave earlier and earlier to get to work on time – and still get stuck in nose to tail traffic. Investment will go elsewhere if we do not deliver a fit-for-purpose infrastructure.”

Ellon financial advisor Phil Anderson added: “It is disappointing news for Aberdeenshire, and while I don’t think that it will have much of a negative impact locally it means even longer before the area will see the benefits.