Oldmeldrum survey findings revealed to public meeting

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MORE than 90 people attended a public meeting for feedback on a survey carried out by Meldrum Business Group to seek people’s views about town redevelopment.

The survey showed that, while improvements to the town hall area had been generally well-received, there was concern about the changes to the road system and the implications for road and pedestrian safety.

85% of respondents felt that Oldmeldrum was not a safe place to drive, largely as a result of the new ‘courtesy’ traffic system in place at the main junction in the town centre.

Since the change, more people have been using the bypass with fewer cars coming into the town. Of those who answered the survey, 43 per cent shopped less often in the town, 30 per cent used local services less frequently and 25 per cent did not come into the centre as often to meet friends.

Of the potential solutions to the problems, the most popular was the reinstatement of road markings at the junction with 84 per cent support from the survey and a lot of agreement from the people at the meeting.

Council officers indicated that some of the issues, including parking, will be discussed over the next few weeks and it was agreed that they would attend a second open meeting later in the year with solutions for consideration.