Residents’ concerns as Castleton project to start

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RESIDENTS at Knockothie have raised concerns about building works set to start on their doorstep, after Scotia Homes informed residents about the impending construction works.

Notifications were sent to residents in the area explaining the routes which will be utilised for access and egress from the site, and what the company would do to ensure safety of residents during the construction process.

Knockothie resident Nick Wilson, who stays at Findhorn Drive, told the Times that he and other residents had serious concerns about the impact the development would have on the neighbourhood over the coming years.

“There’s going to be a massive amount of material brought onto and off of the site, down what are fundamentally residential streets,” he said. “I could see a situation where the local traffic islands are going to have to be removed so that the heavier vehicles can pass.”

Similar concerns were raised at Monday’s meeting of Ellon Community Council, where some members expressed concerns that traffic calming measures in the area would need to be altered or removed in order for larger vehicles to pass through. There were also questions raised about where workers on the site would be parking their vehicles during working hours.

Community councillor Mark Grant said: “There will be heavy plant moving up and down a residential street, and I didn’t feel that was appropriate. But we are where we were and there are few other options. Scotia need to be pro-active in keeping residents informed.”

However, Scotia managing director Derrick Thomson described the fears as unfounded, and said that the company’s engineers had identified no such potential problems with access to the site.

“We’ve done a presentation to the town’s steering group, and sent out letters to residents informing them about the works about to commence. There is a comprehensive traffic management plan in place,” he said.

“As far as my engineers are concerned, there shouldn’t be any problem accessing the site. The only access issue is that surrounding Knockothie Green, and we aim to have it returned to full public access as soon as practically possible. Once it is re-opened, it will be in a far better state than it is at the moment.”