Thainstone market round-up

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Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 61 prime cattle at Thainstone, Inverurie on Thursday, March 6.

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks (four) averaged 217.3p (+18p) and sold to 220p per kg and £1,562 gross for a 710kg Charolais cross from Hillside, Fetternear.

Prime heifers (32) averaged 217.7p (-8.8p) and sold to 225p per kg for a 610kg Limousin cross from and £1,494.90 gross for a 755kg Limousin cross both from Home Farm, Longhaven.

Young bulls (four) averaged 153.4p (-17p) and sold to 187p per kg and £1,442.50 gross for a 815kg Simmental from Drumsleed, Fordoun.

30 to 48 Month - Bullocks (three) averaged 210p (+7.7p) and sold to 228p per kg for a 670kg Limousin cross and £1,550.85 gross for a 735kg Limousin both from Broombrae, Kincardine O’ Neil.

Heifers (18) averaged 182.9p (+2.2p) and sold to 223p per kg for a 565kg Charolais cross from Gillock Mains, Gillock and £1,579.50 gross for a 810kg Simmental from Drumsleed, Fordoun.

Leading prices per kg

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Whiteside, Tullynessle (Lim), Home Farm (AA) 217p.

Prime heifers: Home Farm Haughton, Alford (Lim) 223p; Roselea, Fetternear (Lim) 220p; Darnabo, Fyvie (Char), Whiteside (Lim) 217p.

Young bulls: Binscarth, Finstown (AA) 159p; Drumsleed (Sim) 153p.

30 to 48 month - Bullocks: Broombrae (Lim) 211p; Little Barras, Fordoun (Cha) 191p.

Heifers: Gillock Mains (Cha) 211p; Drumsleed (Sim), Mains of Cowie, Stonehaven (Sim), Dunscroft, Huntly (Lim) 195p; Standingstones, Durris (Sim) 185p.

Leading prices per head

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Whiteside (Lim) £1,451.25; Home Farm (AA) £1,432.20.

Prime heifers: Rattar Mains (Sho) £1,438.65; Tillyorn (Lim) £1,421.20; Home Farm (Lim) £1,372.50.

Young bulls: Drumsleed (Sim) £1,361.70; Cooperhill, Forglen (BrB) £1,066.80.

30 to 48 month - Bullocks: Broombrae (Lim) £1,527.60; Little Barras (Cha) £1,279.70.

Heifers: Mains of Cowie (Sim) £1,413.75; Dunscroft (BrB) £1,382.50; Little Barras (Brb) £1,381.65.


Also sold were 224 OTM cattle.

Beef cows (202) averaged 134.8p (+5.1p) and sold to 204.6p per kg and £1,790 gross for a 875kg British Blue from Dunscroft, Huntly. Dairy cows (12) averaged 102.9p (-4.9p) and sold to 113.3p per kg for 675kg Friesian and £765 gross for a 680kg Friesian from Caldale, St Ola.

Farrow bulls (10) averaged 122.4p (-2.6p) and sold to 145.9p per kg for a 1,090kg British Blue from Rorandle, Monymusk and £1,630 gross for a 1,280kg Simmental from Broomhill, Bridge of Muchalls.

Leading prices per kg

Beef cows: Sauchentree, New Aberdour (Lim) 191p; Quoynee, Halkirk (Lim) 182.3p; East Gowkhill, Maud (Lim) 179.8p.

Dairy cows: Caldale (Fri) 112.5p; Mains of Glasgoforest, Kinellar (Fri) 112p.

Farrow bulls: Dunscroft, Huntly (Lim) 133p; Garson, Sandwick (Lim) 129.1p; Broomhill, Bridge of Muchalls (Sim) 127.3p.

Leading prices per head

Beef cows: East Gowkhill (Lim) £1,465; Broomhill, Dunecht (Sim) £1,425; Newton Cottage, Acharacle (Blo) £1,350.

Dairy cows: Mains of Glasgoforest (Fri) £745; Caldale (Fri) £645.

Farrow bulls: Rorandle (BB) £1,590; Dunscroft (Lim) £1,470; Greentoft (Sim) £1,150.

ANM went on to sell 3,108 prime sheep.

Beltex sired old season lambs (50) averaged 238p per kg and sold to 288.9p per kg and £130 gross for 45kg Beltex from Woolhillock, Skene.

Beltex sired old season lambs SQQ up to 45.5kg (28) averaged 243.9p per kg.

Old season lambs (3,058) averaged 198.8p per kg (+4.2p) and sold to 241.5p per kg for 41kg Beltex from Hallhill, Kineff and £113.50 gross for 61kg Continentals from Heads of Auchinderran, Keith.

Old season SQQ up to 45.5kg (1,514) averaged 204.4p per kg (+3.3p).