Thainstone market round-up

Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 48 prime cattle at Thainstone, Inverurie on Thursday, March 13.

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks (12) averaged 218.7p (+1.5p) and sold to 232p per kg for a 735kg British Blue from Mains of Dumbreck, Udny, and £1,921 gross for a 850kg Charolais from Nether Mains, Torphins, and purchased by C Anderson, Dumfries.

Prime heifers (21) averaged 214.8p (-2.9p) and sold to 229p per kg and £1,591.55 gross for a 695kg Limousin from Braeside, Tough, and purchased by C Anderson.

Young bulls (four) averaged 156.4p (+3.0p) and sold to 181p per kg and £1,574.70 grossfor a 870kg Charolais from Guise, Tough.

30 to 48 Month - Bullocks (four) averaged 200.6p (-9.4p) and sold to 217p per kg and £1,746.85 gross for a 805kg Limousin from Nether Mains, Torphins.

Heifers (seven) averaged 192.9p (no comp) and sold to 213p per kg and £1,448.40 gross for a 680kg Charolais from Muirhill Farm, Longhaven.

Leading prices per kg

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Sunhoney, Echt (BB) 228p; Nether Mains (Lim) 225p; Mains of Dumbreck (BB) 219p.

Prime heifers: West Bandodle, Midmar (Lim) 226p; Braeside (Lim), Whiteknowes, Craigievar (Lim) 225p; Inchmarlo Home Farm, Inchmarlo (Lim) 222p.

Young bulls: Newton of Struthers, Kinloss (AA) 157p.

30 to 48 month - Bullocks: Nether Mains (Cha) 186p.

Heifers: Muirhill (Cha) 205p; Lower Westerdale, Westerdale (Lim) 197p; Clatequoy, Thurso (Cha) 185p.

Leading prices per head

Under 30 month - Prime bullocks: Mains of Dumbreck (BB) £1,883.40; Sunhoney (Lim) £1,721.40; Nether Mains (Cha) £1,575.

Prime heifers: Braeside (Lim) £1,563.75; Whiteknowes (Lim) £1,417.50; Muirhill (Cha) £1,383.20.

Young bulls: Newton of Struthers (AA) £1,287.40.

30 to 48 month - Bullocks: Nether Mains (Cha) £1,674.

Heifers: Muirhill (Cha) £1,373.50; Lower Westerdale (Lim) £1,122.90; Durran Mains, Castletown (Sim) £1,115.40.


Also sold were 197 OTM cattle.

Beef cows (175) averaged 130.8p and sold to 190.2p per kg for a 615kg Aberdeen Angus from Auchtertyre Farms, Pluscarden and £1,650 gross for a 950kg British Blue from Tillydesk, Ellon. Dairy cows (17) averaged 106p and sold to 127.9p per kg and £985 gross for a 770kg Friesian from The Pole, Burray.

Farrow bulls (five) averaged 117.4p and sold to 136.3p per kg for a 950kg Limousin from Cullisse, Nigg and £1,470 gross for a 1,200kg Simmental from Coulterfanny, Tyrie.

Leading prices per kg

Beef cows: Stripeside, Aberlour (Lim) 174.1p; Tillydesk (BB) 173.7p; Olrig Mains, Castletown (Cha) 172.6p.

Dairy cows: Georth, Evie (Fri) 126.7p; Overton of Keithfield, Methlick (Fri) 116.7p; Mains of Glasgoforest, Kinellar (Fri) 112.2p.

Farrow bulls: Coulterfanny (Sim) 122.5p; Olrig Mains (Cha) 120.1p; Leyton, Aboyne (Sim) 103.9p.

Leading prices per head

Beef cows: Tillydesk (Cha) £1,610; Olrig Mains (Cha) £1,355; Steelsbrae, Fochabers (Lim) £1,330.

Dairy cows: Overton of Keithfield (Fri) £945; Georth (Fri) £925; Mains of Glasgoforest (Fri) £825.

Farrow bulls: Cullisse (Lim) £1,295; Olrig Mains (Cha) £1,135; Leyton (Sim) £1,075​