Time runs out for clock change

Proposals in Westminster to change daylight saving time, which would have plunged Scotland into darkness until later in the morning, have failed, after a Private Member’s Bill, promoted by Conservative MPs from the south and south-east of England, was defeated in the House of Commons on Friday.

Banff & Buchan MP Eilidh Whiteford, who spoke in the debate and voted against the Bill, said the changes would have taken little regard of quality of life in Scotland. She also said that she had been contacted from across the UK by people unhappy at the move.

“I had real concerns that no account was being taken of our climate and the fact that the coldest hours are before dawn”, she said. “While there’s not much evidence that daylight is a decisive factor in road safety, we know that weather conditions play a very significant role. Minimising the time drivers and pedestrians spend on icy roads and pavements has to be a key consideration.

“This change would be acutely felt in Scotland, raising real safety and quality of life concerns. I’m therefore pleased that the Bill has fallen and will not be progressing any further.”