Trump’s second golf course plans confirmed

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TRUMP International have confirmed that they will be seeking planning permission for a second golf course.

The tycoon made a formal announcement on Tuesday morning, in a press release to media outlets, stating that the extant golf course had already attracted an “astonishing” number of visitors, and that the second course would build on this demand.

The proposed course will be sited to the south and east of the extant course, covering the area referred to as Pettens Links, and already has outline planning permission. However, detailed plans would need to be submitted before the project could go ahead.

The course would be designed by Martin Hawtree, who has confirmed his involvement in the second course. Dr Hawtree said that he was looking forward to the project.

He said: “If there is one word which expresses the experience of players here as well as my own experience as an architect working here it is ‘privilege’. Now that privilege is to be extended further still for architect and player alike in the development of the planned second course.

“The site at Menie is huge and Mr Trump cannot wait to reveal to the golfing public the extraordinary riches and scale of the property’s landscape and topography. The second course will contrast bolding with its high-flying neighbour by exploring in relaxed manner the beauties of the land behind the dunes: the sea of heather-clad undulations, the several isolated small lochs, the network of burns, the higher ground behind this land that provides fine views of the whole links.

“Not to be outdone, the second course also rises up into the dunes at the southern end and nods in acquaintance to the 4th and 5th holes of the first course. I look forward greatly to continuing my work with Mr Trump in helping to unlock the vast potential and richness of the site in the process of developing a second 18-hole course.

Mr Trump had previously pledged not to ‘spend another penny’ on the course, unless proposals for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre off the Balmedie coast were knocked back. The tycoon has subsequently been engaged in a high profile, one-way war of words with the First Minister on the matter, on the basis of ongoing Scottish Government support for renewable energy projects.

However, in Tuesday’s official comment, he said that he was confident that the offshore turbine scheme would not go ahead, suggesting that the project did not have the funding to proceed.

He said: “Even if Vattenfall were allowed to go forward they don’t have the money to complete the project and Aberdeen will be stuck with a half built and rusting monstrosity - and if it is built it will destroy Aberdeen’s great beauty and be a financial catastrophe because who would be foolish enough to provide the massive subsidies it needs to remain operating?”

A spokeswoman for Trump International added: “In less than four months, a staggering 10,000 people played Trump International Golf Links, Scotland, during an exceptional opening season. Travelling from across Europe and as far afield as America and Canada to Japan and China, around 50% of the visitors came from overseas and the local population took full advantage of the preferential rates on offer.”