Udny Community Turbine Fund

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THOUSANDS of pounds earmarked for community projects were formally handed over at Udny Station Community Hall on Monday night at a special ceremony.

A cheque for more than £20,000 was handed over by Lisa Ross, Communities Manager for Broadview Energy, as part of the company’s proposals to establish a community fund from proceeds of the nearby Hill of Fiddes wind turbine development. The cheque was received by Marian Joyce on behalf of the new Hill of Fiddes Community Fund Committee, who will administer the funds on behalf of the communities of Foveran, Udny Station and Cultercullen.

With profits running to £11,000 annually, the committee is encouraging those in the area with spending proposals to come forward.

Lisa Ross said: “Hill of Fiddes is our baby, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the local community does with the money.”