Cairnorrie SWRI March meeting

President Doris Thomson opened Cairnorrie SWRI’s March Mini Show meeting.

After business was dealt with, Doris introduced the speaker for the evening, Mrs Susi McHardy, from Ythanbank.

She gave a fascinating demonstration to members on how to carve fruit and vegetables into flowers.

The Mini Show was judged by Eileen and Pat, who attended from New Deer Rural.

Winners were as follows: Guinness Cake - 1st Janice Stephen; 2nd Doris Thomson. 1lb Gingerbread - 1st Doris Thomson; 2nd Ethel Stanger; 3rd Janice Stephen. 2 Cake Pop Sticks 1st Janice Stephen 2nd Jean Milne; 2 white Chocolate Chip Cookies - 1st Doris Thomson; 2nd Janice Stephen; 3rd Ethel Stanger. 2 squares dark and 2 squares, White Chocolate Fudge 2nd Ethel Stanger. Jar Blackcurrant Jelly - 1st Ethel Stanger; 2nd Doris Thomson. Knitted Panda - 1st Janice Stephen; 2nd Jean Milne; 3rd Pat Mennie. Baby’s Bonnet - 1st Ethel Stanger; 2nd Pat Mennie; 3rd Jean Milne. Peg Bag - 1st Pat Mennie; 2nd Ethel Stanger. Baby’s Bib - 1st Ethel Stanger; 2nd Pat Mennie. Cross Stitch Bookmark - 1st Jean Milne; 2nd Pat Mennie; 3rd Ethel Stanger. Decorated Photo Frame - 1st Jean Milne; 2nd Ethel Stanger; 3rd Pat Mennie. Bulbs: Hyacinths - 1st Phyllis Hewitt; Tulips - 1st Isabella Buchan Amaryllis - 1st Pat Mennie.

After tea the raffle was drawn and the meeting finished with Doris wishing members a safe journey home.

The next meeting is on Thursday, April 17, and will be held in the Beaton Hall, Methlick. It starts at 7.30pm.

All are welcome to attend the meeting.