Call for improved A90 lighting is turned down by BEAR transport bosses

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TRANSPORT bosses have rejected a plea for improved lighting on a section of the A90 dual carriageway near Ellon.

Ellon and District councillor Rob Merson contacted Transport Scotland last year, on behalf of a number of local residents, following two fatalities between Tipperty and Bridgend.

Councillor Merson supported their concerns that crossing the dual carriageway in darkness during peak times was dangerous with the present lighting in the area.

The primary school close to the dual carriageway also creates a volume of traffic using the Tipperty junction.

However, a recently-completed safety review of the Mundurno to Tipperty section of the A90 by BEAR Scotland concluded that there is no justification for carriageway lighting on that stretch of of the route.

However, transport chiefs said there are proposals to introduce pedestrian warning signs on approaches to three crossing points in the area.

The Transport Scotland response states that it assesses the safety performance of the trunk road network, including the A90, on an annual basis by screening all locations where three or more personal injury accidents have occurred in a three-year period.

The letter says: “Consideration is only given to street lighting where there is an identifiable link between accidents during the hours of darkness and the absence of street lighting.

“An analysis of the injury accidents has determined no similarities or common causation factors between these. In such circumstances there is no case for the provision of lighting in this area.”

However, it goes on to state: “Road safety at this location will continue to be monitored.

“There are proposals to install additional pedestrian warning signs on the approaches to the three A90 pedestrian crossing points at Bridgend, Tipperty Industrial Estate, and Logie Buchan/Tarsets junctions.”

Councillor Merson said: “I expect that the local residents will be surprised and disappointed that Transport Scotland should conclude so bluntly that is ’no case’ for the provision of lighting on that stretch of carriageway, since so many have expressed views to the contrary.

“However, that is a matter that I will now raise directly with the Minister for Transport.”