Car park concerns to be addressed

The Station Road car park
The Station Road car park

Aberdeenshire Council has pledged to resolve the parking issues at Ellon’s free car park on Station Road.

A local resident contacted the Times to voice their concern that several cars have been parked there for a long period of time and have never been moved to the annoyance of Ellon motorists.

The resident, who first reported the problem to the council in July, also noted that a number of them have flat tyres and described the car park as a “knacker’s yard”.

They added: “It is difficult for residents to park there, it is supposed to be for members of the public.”

The Times contacted Aberdeenshire Council to raise the issue.

Commenting, a council spokesperson said: “We’re aware of the situation with vehicles taking up spaces for long periods of time at the car park on Station Road in Ellon, it is an ongoing issue.

“Rather than uplifting these cars at a considerable cost, we aim to discuss the issue with the neighbouring Car Clinic and/or Police to ensure that no untaxed, uninsured or unroadworthy vehicles are left in the public car park.”