Car park issue ‘nothing to do with us’

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The manager of an Ellon garage has spoken out over claims that it is responsible for ‘abandoned’ vehicles in a town centre car park.

Kerry Buckle of Ellon Car Clinic responded to concerns about the Station Road car park that were raised by a local resident in last week’s Ellon Times.

The resident said a number of vehicles had flat tyres and described the car park as a “knacker’s yard. However Kerry says this isn’t the case.

She said: “This has nothing to do with the Car Clinic. We’ve spent thousands building this company up from nothing and worked hard to achieve a good reputation and this suggests that we have taken lots of cars and just dumped them there.

“Workers and shoppers use the car park throughout the day and there are only half a dozen cars left in it at night.

“The garage has its own car park at the back and a yard at the front. The only time we would use the car park is if a customer dropped their car off there but we would move it quickly.”

Kerry, who also helps to run Ellon Indoor Market, added: “I have kept an eye on the car park because it is in our interest to keep it clear for our customers.

“There are always spaces available there but if not I’m sure people would go to another car park.

“There is one car that has been parked in the car park for a while and it has flat tyres but it is known about and something is being done about it.”

Danny Buckle, manager of the Indoor Market, said: “I can understand why people would make the assumption but it is wrong to claim that the Car Clinic is responsible.”