Cartie party!

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Organisers have hailed the second Ellon Pedalcar Race a success after a good crowd turned out to watch the competition.

Fourteen entrants took to the town’s streets in a circuit around the centre in an effort to win the trophy. Winners on the day were the ‘Helli-Angels’, representing CHC Scotia Helicopters. Meanwhile, local businesses kept visitors entertained and fed, with trial carties laid on for those wishing to give the sport a go themselves.

Organiser Simon Hailey told the Times that the event had been a huge success,

“It was very good,” he said. “Probably better than last year! We certainly had better weather, and more people - I’d say we got a crowd just shy of 2000. The streets were absolutely choc-a-bloc with people.

“Thirteen carts took part in the event - officially fourteen, as nobody wanted an unlucky number - and all finished! One managed to finish the course after doing three laps with only three wheels, which was quite impressive. The Helli-Angels went home with the JRD Winners Cup, so congratulations to them and thanks to JRD who sponsored the event and were a huge help.”

He added that the Pedalcar Race had boosted a number of local good causes, with collections taking place over the duration of the races.

“Local charities also did well on the day, as there was a lot of fund raising going on,” he said. “As far as I know, more than £1,200 was raised on the day for local groups, which is what it’s all about - people having fun and coming together, for the benefit of the whole community.

“We couldn’t have done it without the volunteers, helpers and sponsors, and Aberdeenshire Council deserve huge praise for the help they offered - they literally couldn’t have been more helpful.”

All pictures by Andy McLean