Cathie Clark steps in at Cruden Bay WRI meeting

Mrs Neilson welcomed 16 members and three guests to the Cruden Bay WRI March Mini Show meeting.

Business dealt with, Mrs Neilson introduced Cathie Clark who agreed to step in at the last minute when the original speaker cancelled.

Cathie graduated as a Nutritional Therapist in 2013 and gave a very interesting talk on nutrition.

Cathie also works closely with CLAN, doing Wellbeing Workshops every Wednesday.

This was a really interesting presentation which was enjoyed by all.

Marilyn Samways did her usual sterling stuff, judging the Mini Show. There were 59 entries, up again on last year.


Two Rock Cakes - 1 M. Bratton, 2 L. Neilson, 3 R. Pittendrigh; two cheese scones- 1 M. Bratton, 2 L. Carnie, 3 M. Slaymaker.

Wedge of chocolate cake - 1 L. Carnie, 2 M. Bratton, 3 D. Buchan; four peppermint creams - 1 M. Bratton, 2 D. Buchan, 3 L. Neilson.

Apple chutney - 1 C. Docherty, 2 C. Cruickshank, 3 M. Bratton; baby card - 1 L. Neilson, 2 C. Cruickshank; best use of 25g DK wool - 1 L. Neilson, 2 C. Cruickshank, 3 S. Paterson.

Sewn jewellery roll - 1 M. Bratton, 2 H. Birnie; small pencil drawing - 1 L. Neilson, 2 M. Bratton; best animal photo - 1 S. Paterson, 2 L. Carnie, 3 M. Bratton; flowers in a liqueur glass - 1 H. Birnie, 2 D. Buchan, 3 C. Docherty.

Overall Winner: M. Bratton; runner-up - L. Neilson, 3= C. Cruickshank and L. Carnie.

Tea was then served by hostesses, Sarah Paterson and Margaret Slaymaker - the raffle drawn and Mrs Pittendrigh gave the vote of thanks.