Charity thanks generous Ellon donors

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A NATIONAL charity helping to support people in the drought-hit Horn of Africa region have thanked Ellon donors for their generous response to appeals for aid.

£170 was collected from the town by SCIAF - The Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund - which brings food, water and much needed money to towns and villages hit by drought in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.

The region - which is dry at the best of times - is plagued not only be the ongoing drought, but by chronic political instability and violence in Somalia, which has no functioning central government. Militias in the war-torn country have reportedly been making it impossible for agencies to deliver aid in the region, exabberating the effects of an already catastrophic drought. Aid agencies have made repeated calls for help to mitigate a resultant famine which has already displaced many hundreds of thousands of people, and killed many more.

“SCIAF is extremely grateful for the response we have had from Aberdeenshire to our Horn and East Africa Emergency Appeal,” said Lorraine Currie, SCIAF’s Head of International Programmes. “This money is helping us to save lives and support people through this very difficult period.”

“People are extremely relieved to be receiving help and many have said they would already be dead if it had not arrived. The work of SCIAF and its partners is focused on not only helping people to meet their immediate needs but also building up the resilience of communities for the future.

“Unfortunately the situation is unlikely to improve in the short term but we will continue to work with vulnerable communities for as long as it takes. This would not be possible without the fantastic support we are receiving from across Scotland.”