Christmas tree harvest begins

The huge harvest spans across 480 acres of farmland
The huge harvest spans across 480 acres of farmland

The Christmas tree harvest has started on the outskirts of Ellon as a team of 60 specialist growers begin the mammoth task of cutting trees for sale.

The harvest D-Day – or rather Tree-Day – was on Thursday, November 16 and is an exacting operation, planned to the nth degree to execute it perfectly in time for the festivities.

A worker ensures the trees are looking their best

A worker ensures the trees are looking their best

Timing is everything to get these trees on sale in B&Q stores nationwide and keep them stocked throughout December.

Start too early and the trees won’t look their best for Christmas day, but leave it too late and it’s impossible to get the huge harvest, which spans across 480 acres of beautiful farmland, completed.

The harvest ramps up in intensity through until mid-December.

Work peaks as the nation starts to reach for the tinsel, and on the busiest harvesting days a whopping 20,000 trees are cut and netted daily.

These Nordman Fir trees then typically arrive in B&Q stores within one day before making their way into customer’s homes for Christmas.

Christmas trees are grown like other agricultural crops and new trees are planted to replace those that have been cut, enabling the long growing cycle of six to ten years to continue.

Each year the number of trees planted by B&Q’s main supplier in Ellon is greater than the number harvested to ensure that the approach to sourcing real Christmas trees is responsible and forest-friendly.

Thomas Lunden from the Green Team explained: “There is a real art to the timing of the Christmas tree harvest. We’ve been tending to many of these trees for up to a decade, so there is a lot of pressure to make sure the final piece falls into place perfectly with the harvest.

"It takes and awful lot of man power and some serious dedication to get the job done, but it’s so satisfying to see the trees that we planted so long ago become the stars of this year’s Christmas.”