Cinema goers praise concert experience

Ellon Cinema is operated at the town's Victoria Hall
Ellon Cinema is operated at the town's Victoria Hall

The Victoria Hall screened musician Andre Rieu’s Sydney concernt via satellite at the weekend.

The concert was transmitted to cinemas around the world at the same time.

The Ellon Cinema team welcomed many new faces to the hall and the two concert screenings were enjoyed by all.

One of the Saturday, January 5 screening attendees, Anne Hamilton, wrote her own review.

She said: “Christmas and New Year are starting to fade into memory, the nights are dark and cold and the decorations are going away for another year.

“As a last throw of the dice we decided to go to the cinema presentation in the Victoria Hall of Andre Rieu’s New Year Concert in Sydney, Australia and what a wonderful evening it turned out to be.

“We were welcomed into the hall and shown to festively decorated tables where we could enjoy snacks and catch up with friends while waiting for the concert to start.

“As this performance was streamed by satellite we could join in the countdown till all at once we were transported to Sydney Harbour with the iconic Opera House and Bridge, before joining the concert goers in the Victorian grandeur of Sydney Town Hall.

“Andre Rieu is above all a showman, and he holds his audience in the palm of his hand, moving from laughter to awe to tears all in a blink of an eye.

“The whole evening was incredible, the sound fantastic, but special mention has to be made of a few highlights, such as the ballroom dancers demonstrating their carefully choreographed Viennese waltz sequence in the aisles to the strains of Lara’s Theme, before partnering members of the audience for the Blue Danube Waltz later in the programme.

“Of particular note was hearing Highland Cathedral played by Manoe Konings on the bagpipes.

“Soprano Mirusia Louwerse singing ‘I am Australian’ was another heart-stopping moment.”

Anne added: “We joined the audience in Sydney who did not want the evening to end.

“But it did end and we all went out into the cold and dark with smiles on our faces and music in our hearts.

“It was a wonderful evening and thanks have to go to Keith and Liz Hart for bringing such a wonderful occasion to Ellon.

“The Victoria Hall cinema is a real asset to the town and deserves our support.”