Cllr Merson takes up call for better A90 lighting

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Following the recent pedestrian fatality, Councillor Rob Merson has taken action on a local resident’s call for improved lighting on the dual carriageway in the vicinity of the Tipperty and Bridgend junctions, by writing to the Chief Executive of Transport Scotland and Transport Minister Keith Brown in support of the request.

Cllr. Merson has also pointed out that while there are stacking lanes for both junctions on the central reservation, there are no slipways for emerging traffic, which makes crossing the carriageway a hazard for drivers and pedestrians at night and when visibility is poor.

“I am aware that the lack of lighting is a concern is shared by those teachers and parents of Tipperty School who access the school from the A90 on a daily basis, and by local residents who use the bus stops in the vicinity”, said Cllr Merson.

Cllr Merson said he had personal experience of the stacking lanes not being cleared of snow, which had led to a loss of traction as he crossed in his car. “Should such an incident occur during the hours of darkness, oncoming traffic would have difficulty seeing a vehicle in that position”, he said.