Colin’s tales from Kazakhstan

Colin Grieve on his motorbike in Kazakhstan.
Colin Grieve on his motorbike in Kazakhstan.

Ellon Rotary Club was recently given a fascinating insight into the working life of one of its members.

Colin Grieve began his talk and slide show with an introduction into his time spent in Kazakhstan.

He was responsible for the maintenance of a pipeline booster station, which pumped crude oil from the Kashagan oil field to the port of Atyrau.

Living and working in that part of the world means experiencing huge fluctuations in temperature.

For five months of the year it is typically -12 degrees, then summer temperatures rise to +40C.

Colin saw many quaint customs in his time there, including jumping into freezing lakes through holes cut in the ice – followed by a quick rub down and a quarter pint of vodka!

One of the highlights was the purchase of a motorbike for $28 which he ran for a year then returned to the villager he had purchased it from - cheap rental by any standards.

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