Collieston and Slains SWI meeting

Collieston and Slains SWI held their AGM recently, voting papers being tallied by Sue Hall and Lilian Emslie from Auchedly and Ythanbank SWI.

Retiring secretary Nora Harper read out last year’s AGM minutes, and retiring president Carol Proudlock gave a rundown of the past year’s meetings and activities.

Retiring treasurer Gail Procter read out the year’s financial report. An outing to Gardening Scotland was mooted for the end of May.

Silver cups were presented to Irene Smith, winner of last month’s Mini-Show, and runner-up Anne Craig, and the floor was handed over to speaker, Moray Soutar from Newburgh.

He gave a fascinating PowerPoint presentation entitled ‘Birds of Greenland’ illustrating his experiences while there last year on a project monitoring the sanderling population. It shone a spotlight on the tough and sub-zero conditions scientists endure often for several months at a time while gathering information on various species and natural phenomena, with scant access to modern communication networks, and having to arm themselves constantly against potential attacks by hungry polar-bears.

Following his talk new committee members were announced: president Irene Smith; vice-president Nora Harper; secretary May Irvine; treasurer Gail Procter and press secretary Alison Allan.

A fine feast was laid on by hostesses Meg Wallace and Jane Sutherland and the raffle was drawn. Nora Harper gave a heartfelt thankyou to retiring president Carol Proudlock for her hard work and enthusiasm in office.