Communities scrub up for ‘Formartine in Bloom’

Meldrum Amenities Improvement Committee Members with the 2014 dummies display
Meldrum Amenities Improvement Committee Members with the 2014 dummies display

Local towns enjoyed some healthy competition as they were judged in this year’s Formartine in Bloom Contest.

Towns including Ellon, Collieston, Tarves, Oldmeldrum and Methlick were among those under close inspection last week.

Judges Ken Regan and Jack Grant had the hard task of visiting each village last Thursday before deciding the worthy winners for each of the three sections.

However the winners will not be revealed until a ceremony in October.

Catching up with the judges at the half way mark during the competition in Tarves, Ken and Jack said that were impressed with the entries they had viewed so far, but that it was too early to say if they had spotted any clear winners.

Jack and Ken said: “What we have seen so far has been very good. We are looking for colour, selection and quality

“It’s been good to see that none of the items have been damaged after hurricane bertha as well - everything seems to have stayed intact.”

Formartine Partnership’s Rod Gunson and Caroline Rennie were also on hand viewing the entries throughout the day.

Caroline said: “It’s great to see communities pull together and appreciate what they have but there can be quite a bit of rivalry between them too.

“It’s when people don’t have things like this that they comment on it.

“Some new communities have entered for the first time this year, such as Foveran, but others have pulled out as well.”

Rod added: “Last year the competition was so close - some of the classes won by only one point.”

After a lunch break it was off to Oldmeldrum next to judge the annual dummies display created by Meldrum Amenities Improvement Group (MAIG).

Using the theme of ‘Endangered Species’ the group formed three animals made from recycled materials which they set up in the Town Square.

MAIG secretary, Moira Gregg, said: “We made a red squirrel, a hedgehog and some bumble bees - and just in case anyone is not quite sure what they are “meant” to be - we have display boards with information about each animal and what we can all do to help preserve their futures.

“As always, MAIG is looking for more volunteers and there is lots of information about our many activities on the other side of the display boards.”

Formartine in Bloom entrants were: Ellon, Collieston, Newburgh, Foveran, Pitmedden, Tarves, Oldmeldrum, Auchterless, Turriff, Cuminestown, Fyvie, Woodhead of Fyvie, Methlick and Ythanbank.