Community Radio: seeks volunteers

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A LOCALLY based community broadcaster is seeking volunteers for all aspects of running a radio station.

Buchan Community Radio, set to be based beside the harbour in Peterhead, is a not-for-profit organisation seeking to establish a community radio covering the north east, with a catchment area taking in Fraserburgh, Peterhead and Ellon.

The group - who have been working for months to ready their studio and secure funding - are now at a stage where they can seek personnel to make the radio happen. The station aims to start broadcasting on the internet in September, with a long term view to transmit on the airways after the next round of broadcast licensing.

After a special open day on Saturday at the Meadows, the group have reported that there was enthusiasm for the idea, and that a number of volunteers had come forward to offer their services.

Ellon spokesman Kevin Wright - who writes reports for the Ellon Amateurs - told the Times that the project was a worthy one, and that the organisers were now seeking fresh skills to make their dream happen.

“We’re looking for volunteers for all aspects of running a radio station,” he said. “We’re looking for DJ’s, marketers, technical staff - anyone and everyone who has something to contribute, basically.”

Speaking about the Open Day at the Meadows, he said that while the turnout hadn’t been huge, the station could at least boast two new personnel volunteers.

“We’ve managed to secure one presenter, and someone else who said they could help us with the studio setup, so in that respect it went very well. We’re planning another Open Day in the next few weeks to see if there’s any further interest, and to raise awareness of what we’re doing.

We will also be present at the Ellon Gala on Sunday, where we plan to have a stall. There will hopefully be some interest there as well.”

Anyone interested in getting involved, in any capacity, is invited to contact John Cropley on 01779 479257.