Concert tribute for Axel

Axel's parents hope the concert will raise awareness about the condition and the CDH charity
Axel's parents hope the concert will raise awareness about the condition and the CDH charity

A North-east couple are preparing for a touching tribute to their baby son, who died when he was only weeks old.

Claire and Merv Christie treasure the memories they have of Axel, who lived for just 100 days in May due to a diaphragm deficiency.

And now they want to raise awareness of the condition and the small charity that helped the family so much after their baby’s death.

The couple, from Udny Green, are helping to arrange a concert in the village to commemorate Axel’s short life, and raise money for CDH UK.

Axel was born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) which makes breathing and lung development difficult. A hole in the diaphragm caused the organs to come up into his chest, squashing the heart and lungs. This stopped them forming correctly during pregnancy.

Axel spent his short life at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow.

CDH occurs in about 1 in 2500 births and accounts for around 8% of all major congenital abnormalities.

Music on the Green - an evening of classical choral music - will be held on Saturday, August 2, in Udny Green Hall at 6pm.

Claire said: “I wasn’t able to do a lot for Axel when he was here. I hope that if any good can come out of this in terms of raising awareness for the small charity CDH UK, let alone the condition, then I’m doing something positive.

“We think about Axel all the time. He was an amazing boy and is constantly with us.

“He cut into the hearts of so many people, even those who he hadn’t even met. We are so proud of what he did and hope his gorgeous eyes can put a message out there about who he was and raise awareness about CDH.”

Gillian Holmes, a neighbour of the family who is organising the concert, said: “People of all ages are invited to come along to the concert which will include a mix of classical choral music.

“I hope that by organising this event, we can go some way to show our support for Axel’s family.”

The event will feature Con Anima Chamber Choir and Leighann Esslemont, who will perform a special song called Axel’s Song of Hope.

There is a suggested donation of £10 per adult with free entry for children. Those attending are welcome to bring and share food after the concert.