Control your unleashed dogs, urges Staffie owner

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AN ELLON woman is pleading with dog owners to keep their pets on a lead after seeing her own dog repeatedly attacked.

Clair Gall contacted the Times after her Staffordshire terrier, Diesel, was attacked by a number of unleashed dogs over the past month, including a collie, golden retriever and Jack Russell.

Claire says that the attacks are leaving Diesel afraid to leave the house, and are occuring on a daily basis across the town.

“The owners say that their own dogs are just being friendly, but they clearly aren’t - they growl, advance and sometimes even attack Diesel,” she told us.

“On Monday night, a collie charged and started fighting with him. I had to put myself between the two of them to try and stop the fight. Diesel came away with a bite on the side of his head.

“I take him out walking twice a day, every day and, without fail, an unleashed dog will growl at him.”

She admits that it is a curious role reversal for a Staffordshire to be bullied by other dogs, but maintains that Diesel is fundamentally sweet natured and friendly.

“If I thought for a second he wasn’t a good dog, I wouldn’t have him in the house with my kids,” said Claire. “I’m suspicious of other Staffies myself, but Diesel is very friendly. He’s been well trained.

“It’s not fair that he has to go out in fear of being attacked. I would ask dog owners to please keep their dogs on leashes.

“I know that if I let Diesel off his leash, I would be in trouble, but those rules need to apply to all dogs.”

A spokesman for Aberdeenshire Council confirmed that it was legal for owners to allow their dogs out without a leash.

“Dogs can be off a leash provided they are under the control of the person with them,” he said. “If the animal starts attacking people or other animals then it is a case for the Police.