Councillor calls for action over slippage problems in Foveran

Slippage at Foveran
Slippage at Foveran

An Ellon and District Councillor has raised concerns over slippage issues on the embankment on the A90 in Foveran.

Torrential weather during the end of 2010 has resulted in a number of places throughout Aberdeenshire suffering with flooding problems.

Cases of flooding in Huntly and Stonehaven have been well documented however a local councillor has raised concerns over safety in Foveran.

Considerable slippage problems have been noted in Foveran at the embankment on the A90 as well as on the banks on both sides of the burn which runs through the village.

Councillor Gillian Owen said that it is a particular concern because the pavement is used by a large number of children walking to and from the school

Councillor Owen said: “There are clear safety issues that need to be addressed and a timetable needs to be put in place for this work to be carried out.

“I have contacted Bear Scotland and they say, unfortunately, this slippage is not a simple one in engineering terms.

“As a result, the reinstatement requires Geotechnical Certification, which is a lengthy process involving extensive geotechnical investigations and subsequent independent approval of the proposals prior to finalising the design.

“Whilst this process extends the design preparation time significantly, it is a requirement of the Transport Scotland’s current design standards and will determine a suitable reinstatement that will maximise the long-term stability of the embankment.”

Councillor Owen added that the process is likely to take a number of months and that she has asked for the area to be fenced off to ensure the safety of anyone who walks nearby.

She said: “I will be contacting my MSP colleagues, Nannette Milne and Alex Johnstone urging them make sure Bear Scotland do treat this problem with urgency.”