Councillor pushes campaign on

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Ellon and District Councillor Gillian Owen has contacted the Minister of Transport Keith Brown asking for the A90 dualling to Peterhead to be considered as a matter of urgency.

Councillor Owen said: “When I started the Facebook campaign, Why Stop at Ellon, I had no idea what to expect and have genuinely been astounded by the support. But this support needs to turn into action and the only people who can make decisions on this vital artery are those elected to the Scottish Government and hence my letter to Mr Brown. I have copied my letter to my Scottish Conservative MSPs and my local MSP Mr Salmond.

“The trouble is I know full well that the Scottish Government has a capital plan of its own and currently the dualling of the A90 to Peterhead doesn’t feature and if you want to introduce a new project, one has to be dropped. I have suggested that a Fast-Link between Glasgow and Edinburgh could be dropped particularly when we in the North-east have had no new projects since the Laurencekirk Station completion in 2008. Our connectivity is so poor that when an oversized lorry travels from Peterhead, Police have to pull traffic over on the other side of the road so that it can pass.

“You do begin to understand that this part of the A90 is no longer fit for purpose.

“I have put my letter on Facebook so that all the supporters can see that I am standing up for the NE. I have also suggested that they too can email the Minister just so that he understands that this dualling is crucial to the North-east of Scotland for so many reasons.”