Councillor shares opinion after meeting

Following this month’s Formartine Area Committee, Ellon and District Councillor Gillian Owen has shared some of her thoughts.

Wednesday, 1st October 2014, 9:00 am

Regarding the police report Councillor Owen said: “It was a great report and I welcomed it very much, we are very lucky to live in an area that is relatively crime free. Having said that locally we do suffer from road safety issues, and I was delighted to hear that a greater emphasis was going to put on the A948.

“I have campaigned for a while that the excessive speed used on that road is unacceptable and latterly have met with Inspect Harrison to talk about my concerns. He has shown that he is willing to work with myself and the council to see what measures can been taken to educate those drivers and ensure that safety measures are looked at to make junctions safer.”

On full planning permission for 49 dwellings at land adjacent to Knockhall Road in Newburgh, Mrs Owen said on the motion to refuse said, “It is clear that the road issue is a major concern. I welcomed the local Consultations undertaken by the developer, yet saddened that they didn’t take notice of what the locals were saying.

“I was disappointed to hear Mr Forbes, speaking for the Developer Scotia, indicate that only 49 units will actually be built. This committee approved the masterplan which stated 60 units in 2 phases, 30 followed by another 30, it now appears that it will only have 49 units which means the developer will not have to provide another access. With all the traffic issues it was necessary to refuse this application as the access should really be a link road onto the B9000.”

On the site at Castle Meadows up for additional units and change of house type, Councillor Owen added: “I had a couple of concerns with this application, the main one being the substantial change to the design elements, I felt that the pretty bits had been taken out, which was one of the main reasons it was supported in the first place. The changes effect the whole character of the development to its detriment. I was also disappointed to see a reduction in the number of two-bed flats, more smaller flats are needed particularly in view of encouraging people with large houses to downsize and finally the aspect of affordable housing needs to be re-looked at to ensure we get the allocation we need to help those who need affordable housing and these should be on site.”