Councillor welcomes Foveran School speed sign repairs

Ellon & District councillor Richard Thomson
Ellon & District councillor Richard Thomson

Ellon & District councillor Richard Thomson has welcomed the repair of the speed warning signs on the old A90 outside Foveran School.

The signs had not been working properly for some time, despite several attempts at repair.

Now, thanks to a new transformer being installed, the signs – which operate on the old A90 north and southbound as well as on the Old Mill Road – should be fully operational again for pupils returning after the Easter Holidays.

Cllr Thomson said: “I’ve been asking for these flashing lights to be fixed for a while and although repairs have been carried out at various points, none solved the problem of the lights either not working as they should or on occasion not working at all. I’m glad that the root cause seems to have been found, so that drivers can be properly warned of the need to slow down as they pass the school.

“While that is to be very much welcomed, right now there is also some confusion over the speed limit which normally applies on the road, with a number of speed limit signs contradicting each other by indicating restrictions ranging from 40-60 mph in the space of just a few hundred yards.

“That’s a legacy of the restrictions from the construction of the new A90. However, now that all major works are completed, there’s no need to have this ‘fruit salad’ of speed limit signs which must make the actual limit of 40mph nearly impossible to enforce.

“I’ve raised this matter in ward meetings with the council’s road service and Police Scotland. In the interests of safety, drivers need clarity and that starts with having accurate signs.”