Councillor welcomes lower speed limit

Cllr Martin Ford has welcomed the speed reduction through Whiterashes
Cllr Martin Ford has welcomed the speed reduction through Whiterashes

East Garioch councillor Martin Ford has welcomed the imminent introduction of a lower speed limit on the A947 through the community of Whiterashes.

Cllr Ford has strongly supported residents' wishes to have the speed limit lowered.

The current speed limit is 50 mph but this will now be reduced to 40 mph. The move follows a public consultation (which closed on 2 September) during which all the representations received were in favour of the proposed lower limit. The statutory consultation on lowering the speed limit through Whiterashes to 40 mph was completed earlier this year.

"There has been a long standing wish for a lower speed limit through Whiterashes," said Cllr Ford.

"Walking along the pavement in Whiterashes right next to vehicles travelling at 50 mph can be both unpleasant and intimidating."

Interactive 'Your speed' signs were installed by Aberdeenshire Council at Whiterashes in 2014 following complaints from residents about speeding and representations from Cllr Ford. Then, in June 2015, at the suggestion of Cllr Ford, the Garioch Area Committee instructed Council officers to undertake formal consultation on introducing a 40 mph limit.

"I'm very pleased the campaign for a lower speed limit through Whiterashes has been successful," said Cllr Ford.

"I fully understand why residents have sought to have the speed of traffic through Whiterashes reduced.

"The interactive 'Your speed' signs installed a couple of years ago were a step in the right direction in getting speeds down. That improvement made it possible to get agreement to lowering the speed limit.

"I look forward to the lower speed limit being introduced this autumn," said Cllr Ford.